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I think anybody who likes cooking, likes doing so with quality ingredients but sometimes it can be a mission to find the right supplier, or to make sure that your producer of vegetables, fruits, and meat respects your own personal requirements (organic, biodynamic, fair trade, etc.)

It can also simply be difficult to find THE product that a recipe calls such as Tonka beans! It just happens to me this week…where in Cape Town can I buy Tonka beans???!

Well, I must say that I spend a great deal of my time looking for those places. And I found many!!

I have listed for you below a few of those. But if you would know other places of interest, I would be really happy to try them if you let me know, and I may add them to this list. MERCI!!



  • Frankie meat merchants, 8 kloof street, Cape Town / 021 424 7204 /

Whole duck, duck breasts, prosciutto

Rabbit-whole, hopper wings, sausages, patties, potjie

They deliver whole chicken, beef, game meats, diced bacon, farm butter, camembert, brie

They deliver quality Polish, Italian, German, Spanish, Swiss, and Hungarian matured meat products,

Here is a list of restaurants and retailers that use pasture reared food:



  • Hout Bay Harbour
  • Kalk Bay Harbour
  • Fish Hoek Fisheries / Main road / 021 782 2314

No where else you’ll have such a quality hake! While waiting for the fish to be filleted the order a fish and chips take away (absolutely divine!)


Organic lemon, oranges, pears, apples, spinach, Jerusalem artichokes, sprouts, candy beetroots, wild garlic, carrots, potatoes…




Raw cocoa nibs, 65%, 75%, 85% chocolates, white chocolates, milk chocolates, praline

Most amazing flavoured individual chocolates (coffee roast, vanilla orchid, authentic rooibos, golden thyme…)