Team Building

Cooking is all about sharing isn’t it?! so what’s a better idea than organising a hands-on cooking class for team building?!

I’ll teach them a few French words (promise no swearing!) that they can use every day at work (great for complicity!) and obviously some cooking tricks and recipes that they can share together afterwork/afterwards!

Actually, this is also a great opportunity to thank a client or build a stronger relationship with a supplier or to celebrate a product launch or to say goodbye to a dear colleague… Well…Yes! There are many reasons to come to my kitchen and I can’t wait to say ‘bienvenue’ to you!

Cooking classes in Noordhoek (limitedĀ to 12 people cooking+ additional 8 guests to join for dinner only)

Cost per lesson: R 400 pp / 3 hours lesson+1 hour to eat what we have prepared

The menu includes traditional French recipes and isĀ adapted to your requirements (allergy, food preferences, etc). Please send me a mail that we can discuss the recipes.

Another fun way is to meet for mussels foraging and prepare a fresh seafood meal with moules marinieres and moules basques (with chorizo)

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