Jerusalem artichokes soup

This creamy and nutty soup, to be served in autumn, is packed with iron, amides, but also Vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B. In France, Jerusalem artichokes were one of the easy veggies to find during the Second World War so it lost its popularity after but now it slowly coming back to the menu of fine dining restaurants.


INGREDIENTS (for 2 pers)                                                 

1 handful of Jerusalem artichokes

1 small potato

1 handful of chestnuts

250ml fresh cream

1 cup almond/ 1L water


1 pinch of salt

Equipment: nut or cheese bag, blender, 1 pot, 1 peeler


  1. Blend the almonds with the water. Over a salad bowl, pour in a bag and squeeze until all milk is extracted.
  2. Peel and dice the potato. Place in a pot with the jerusalem artichokes. Cover with almond milk. Cook until the potato and artichokes are cooked- around 15min. Add the chestnuts and cream.
  3. Blend nicely.
  4. Season with salt and pepper. And chop chives all over.

Bon appetit!