Romantic French Picnics

Imagine… you take your loved one to a place surrounded by nature where a beautiful picnic is waiting for you with some candles and a nice bottle of wine… Well, I like so much the idea that I have to organize it for you! The little cherry on the cake is that the food is going to be French, which should add even more magic to this special moment….

Think of it for a surprise birthday party, a proposal, an anniversary…


The picnic is organised…

…at the place of your choice or we can suggest you a few places

…according to a theme of your choice (red, countryside, beach,…)

….based on a French menu that we agree on before (i.e Savoury pesto and sundried tomato cake, chorizo and baby marrow madeleines,   banana and apple compote, a camembert with French loaf, chocolate cake…)

This custom-made picnic is from R1200 and include the decoration (flowers, balloon, candles, cover…), the meal and a bottle of wine.

Cost: R1200