Octopus with Mediterranean sauce

Octopus with Mediterranean sauce


I find octopus one of the most pleasurable meat when it is well prepared. It has a specific firmness but at the same time very soft texture. It is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and selenium, and a good source of iron, copper, and vitamin B6. With this delicious sauce made with flavorful ingredients, I promise you to deliver in your plate a dish to make you happy!


INGREDIENTS     (2 pers)                                            

280g octopus leg

1 bunch of carrot leaves

2 garlic cloves

1/2 onion with 3 whole cloves

2 bay leaves, rosemary, thyme

1 tsp turmeric and 1 tsp cinnamon

1 Tbsp capers

3 tomatoes and 5 sundried tomatoes

1 handful black olives

100ml apple cider vinegar

grapeseed oil

rice (optional)



Cut and peel off the onion. Insert the cloves in 1 half.

Place the octopus for 2 hours in the freezer. Then lay down the octopus in a skillet. Add the carrot leaves, garlic cloves, bay leaves, rosemary, and thyme. Cover with water then pour the vinegar.

Cook on low heat for 30min.

In the meantime, peel and remove the tomato seeds. Cut them in quarters and each quarter in three pieces.

Pan fry them in oil until softer then add sundried tomatoes, the spices, olives, capers. Add 1 cup of water. Let it reduce for 15min.

Cut the octopus in pieces, and combine them to the tomato sauce. Cook for 10min.

If serving with rice, remove the carrot leaves, then add the rice in the same water where the octopus cooked for 20min or until the rice is cooked.

Une merveille!

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